Church Planting

Church Planting Map

Each dot on the map represents where a Deaf church needs to be planted. Deaf Church Planting… We encourage you to pray and ask God to lead you to form or be part of a team to plant a Deaf Church wherever God leads you.


Are you considering planting a church?

Deaf Church Planting has been partnering with churches to plant churches across America. We recognize church planting as a viable means of reaching the four million lost and unreached people across Cities in America.

Throughout Scripture, God’s calling came in many different forms for His chosen servants. It’s likely that you’re visiting this webpage because you’ve heard God’s call to plant a new church. If you share the beliefs and values of our network of churches and have a desire to plant a church that will enthusiastically participate in our Gospel partnership, we would consider it a privilege to walk with you in your journey of confirming God’s call and discovering His direction for you in church planting.


There are no guarantees in church planting other than the fact that it will be much more difficult than you thought it would be. Church planting is certainly not for the faint of heart. In fact, our experience in working with church planters is that it takes a certain gift mix and skill set to effectively serve as a lead planter.

Many are called to be involved in some aspect of starting a new church. Planting requires a team effort with all hands on deck, each person using his unique abilities to contribute to the task. Deaf Church Planting has developed a robust process to assist church planter candidates to determine if they have the necessary gifts and abilities to serve in the role of a lead church planter.


If you believe God may be calling you to join Him in planting a new Deaf Church wherever God has placed upon your heart, please download and complete the Church Planter Interest Form. Email your completed form to and we will follow up with you.